Welcome to the Virginia Civil Air Patrol

The auxiliary of the United States Air Force.

Colonel Dean Gould

Just before the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the Civil Air Patrol was founded. Brave men and women of the Commonwealth formed the Virginia Wing immediately started coastal submarine patrols. These patrols were instrumental in stopping the German U-Boats from destroying allied ships crossing the Atlantic.
Today, the Virginia Wing continues in selfless dedication to providing much needed missions to the Commonwealth and the Nation. We provide search and rescue, disaster relief reconnaissance, radio communications, aerospace education to the public and a cadet program which helps grow the future leaders of tomorrow.
We are 1,700 volunteers strong in 24 units throughout the commonwealth, We have a fleet of 12 Cessna C-172/C-182 aircraft with 70% of them equipped with glass cockpits. CAP also has an extensive radio repeater network and high frequency capability the ensures effective communications in times of emergencies.
I invite you to learn more about the Civil Air Patrol, and stop in to visit one of our squadrons. You can even start now by taking the time to visit the pages of our website.
Semper Vigilans!
Dean E. Gould, Col CAP