Emergency Services Missions

Overview on How and Who can Participate in ES Missions

To participate in Emergency Services training or operations, personnel must be current members by having completed level one and cadet protection training (senior members) or achievement one (cadets). Individuals in temporary membership are not eligible for liability coverage under the FECA. Other than these, there are no prerequisite requirements for GES. CAPF 101 with the General ES rating will be approved by the unit commander. Once trainees have met the prerequisites, they will be required to complete familiarization and preparatory training for the specialty before serving in that position on actual or training missions under supervision. Familiarization and preparatory training is the minimum set of tasks that the member must master prior to acting as a supervised trainee on practice or actual missions. These tasks represent those skills that will keep the member safe and allow the member to function under supervision without jeopardizing the mission. This requirement avoids placing personnel not ready to perform certain jobs or those who work for them at risk. Once familiarization and preparatory training is completed, trainees must complete advanced training and participate satisfactorily in two missions before a CAPF 101 is approved and a member is considered “Qualified.”