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2023 High Altitude Balloon Challenge Results

October 27, 2023

Congratulations to the William P. Knight Composite Squadron for winning the Documentary Video category of the CAP High Altitude Balloon Challenge. Follow this link to see their winning video. As part of their prize, they received a $350 grant from the Air and Space Forces Association (AFA) to conduct additional STEM projects.

115 cadet teams of about 950 total cadets worked for four months to create almost 1,000 science experiments which were launched on two weather balloons before reaching burst altitudes - both just over 100,000 feet.

Further information about the challenge and the various winners can be found on this page.

All squadrons are eligible to enter the challenge and participation counts towards the Quality Cadet Unit Award, the Aerospace Education Excellence Award, and the Aerospace Education Achievement Award. The following VAWG units launched experiments in this year's competition:

  • MAR-VA-007 William P. Knight Composite Squadron
  • MAR-VA-060 Southside Composite Squadron
  • MAR-VA-130 Burke Composite Squadron

All units are encouraged to participate in 2024. Registration should be open in the Mar-May timeframe.

Congratulations to all of our units who participated in the challenge and to Knight Composite Squadron for winning the Documentary Video category! Well done!

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