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Air Force Shares a Legacy of Service with ABU Donation

October 27, 2021

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If you take advantage of a beautiful fall Saturday by getting in your sports car, taking the top down, and proudly cruising down the highway in your late grandfather’s Korean War flight jacket, that jacket isn’t just “hand me down” clothes. It is an heirloom, your direct connection to your grandfather’s legacy of courage, professionalism, and service to his country.

    In 2021, many Virginia Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadets and senior members received uniforms that are direct connections to the courage, professionalism, and service of United States Air Force personnel.  Airmen embedded in the Air Force element at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) coordinated an effort to donate their Airman Battle Uniforms (ABU) to CAP members.  No longer needing the ABUs after the transition from ABUs to Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), donating the ABU’s offered Airmen a chance to extend the service life of the ABUs by sharing them with CAP members.  According to Captain Scott Kaplan, Virginia Wing Group 3’s deputy commander, the NGA Air Force element was very supportive of the mission and people of CAP.  ”CAP is very appreciative of the Airmen donating their ABUs. They have already been given to local Squadrons for distribution to our members, and they are helping our members present a professional appearance.” CAP is the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and as such is a member of its Total Force.

   Capt. Kaplan, who is also an NGA employee volunteered to be the liaison with CAP. Over 200 different uniform articles were collected for CAP members. He coordinated accepting the uniforms and then distributed them in northern VA to six squadrons in Virginia Wing's Group 3.  

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