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Hurricane Ida Damage Assessment

September 25, 2021

FEMA requested Civil Air Patrol’s assistance in a crowdsourcing role to view images of the area and provide preliminary damage assessments in response to Hurricane Ida that hit Louisiana. CAP’s assistance included reviewing the predicted or automated assessments, comparing the damage level to the image, and make any changes to the damage level determined as incorrect.

This national-level project was led by Capt Scott Kaplan of Group 3. Data is used by several agencies to rapidly assess areas of higher damage and to begin the process for disaster aid. Below are some of the statistics about the event:

•Members who signed up: 776 cadets and senior members; 43 wings + 2 regions (GLR/NER) •Members who conducted assessments: 327 (42% of those that signed up)

•Wings participating: 39 (91% of those that signed up)

•Total Grids (tiles) Assessed: 28.8K of the 29.3K available (only had 500 more grids to review when we were asked to stop by FEMA)

•Total Polygons (buildings) Assessed: 196,712 (in 14 days)

Top 3 individuals by grids (tiles) Reviewed:

*Capt Scott Kaplan - 3.8K

*Capt Christopher Freeze - 3.2K

Maj Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz - 1.6K

Top 5 individuals by Total Polygons Reviewed:

*Capt Christopher Freeze - 36,930

Maj Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz - 26,690

*Capt Scott Kaplan - 24,299

Aaron Lynn - 8,649

Ronald Smith - 4,176

*Virginia Wing members/over 90 VAWG members registered to support!

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