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Virginia Wing Civil Air Patrol Assisting North Carolina with Disaster Relief after Hurricane Isaias

August 9, 2020

Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) Virginia Wing assisted North Carolina Wing CAP members in running a Point of Distribution center, supplying North Carolina residents with essential materials following the wake of Hurricane Isaias. 

As part of CAP’s response to natural disasters such as Hurricane Isaias, CAP sets up and operates Point of Distribution centers that provide local residents access to essential materials such as food, water, cleaning supplies, masks, and more. Coordinating with local and state emergency management agencies, CAP requests to perform certain support tasks that allow our partners to more effectively utilize their resources.

As in the past during Hurricane Dorian and Hurricane Florence, Virginia Wing has again partnered with North Carolina Wing and the North Carolina Emergency Management in order to ensure that communities affected have access to these essential materials.

Late last week, Virginia Wing received a call for supporting one of these Point of Distribution centers near Windsor, NC. Within 24 hours of the call, six members were selected to drive down and support the relief effort, led by Lt. Col. Dennis Borgerding, CAP of Virginia Wing’s Coastal Composite Squadron (Virginia Beach, VA). The team comprised of volunteers from Newport News, VA and from Virginia Beach, VA.

Point of distribution efforts by both Virginia Wing and North Carolina Wing continue this week at various locations impacted by Hurricane Isaias.

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