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VAWG COVID-19 Remobilization

Virginia Wing Guidance on COVID-19 Remobilization

NHQ COVID-19 Communications

Virginia Wing Instructions on COVID-19 Remobilization    

Membership Operations Brief

I.                     Situation

A.      Current Threat:

•     COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that has caused a global outbreak and associated public health declarations including social distancing, protective equipment, and an increased focus on hygiene.

•     Because of the variation in impacts and legal restrictions across the various states, there is no one-size-fits-all response for the Civil Air Patrol to use in this situation.

B.      Current Remedies:

•     Currently, only operations in support of the COVID-19 crisis and/or emergencies are being undertaken by Civil Air Patrol. Regularly scheduled meetings, conferences, and other events have been cancelled to abide by various social-distancing measures enacted across the country.

•     CAP is using the White House Phases as a deliberate, careful, and appropriate approach to remobilize the membership. 

•     The Covid ActNow website ( currently shows Virginia as red. As a result, Virginia Wing cannot begin the phased remobilization process, but planning is well underway. 

II.                  Mission

VAWG/CC has organized and directed a remobilization team to provide guidance to the wing to be postured to resume regularly scheduled meetings, single-day events, and overnight activities in accordance with local, state, and federal guidance.

III.                Execution

A.      Commander’s Intent:

•     The remobilization team is working on plans to ensure the risk of COVID-19 transmission is mitigated to the maximum extent possible, while operating in alignment with our federal, state, and local partners.

•     All participation in CAP activities is fully up to the member and their comfort level – your participation is not required if you do not feel it is safe to do so. Virtual accommodations will be made where possible.

B.      Concept of Operations

•     The remobilization team will have plans approved by the wing command team and the NHQ team and will be distributed to the wing once approved. 

•     Essential missions, such as Search and Rescue and disaster relief taskings will continue using ORM and the best practices already in place.

C.       Chain of Command

•     Maj Jacob Bixler is the lead POC for organizing Virginia’s phased plans. If you have any concerns, please route them through your chain of command (unit commander, group commander, etc.). 

D.      Information Flow

•     Further information from National Headquarters can be found:



  E.      Remobilization Status

•     Effective 24 June 2020, Virginia Wing is in Phase I, abiding by the instructions provided here.

•     Effective 8 July 2020, Virginia Wing is in Phase II, abiding by the instructions provided here.


5 JULY 2020/1130L

Click here for further instructions from the Wing Health Services Officer

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