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VAWG COVID-19 Remobilization

Virginia Wing Guidance on COVID-19 Remobilization


Return to routine operations 

  1. Since March 2020, Civil Air Patrol has taken unprecedented measures to combat the COVID-19 virus and protect our members. On 25 Oct 2022, Maj Gen Phelka announced CAP’s return to normal operations. We will now manage virus transmission risk within our regular wing structure and processes. 

  2. Routine operations are described in the attachment and include:

a. Risk analysis for COVID-19 will be integrated into the regular risk analysis process.  CAPF 160’s should include  disease transmission risk and will be approved through the normal risk analysis process.

b. Follow government, host facilities, or venue guidance, if more restrictive. 

c. Follow CDC guidance on protective measures. Members may choose to wear masks, IAW CAPR 39-Members with symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious diseases should not attend in-person meetings or activities until symptoms clear.  

         d. CAP ground transportation and air sorties may be operated with full occupancy. 

e. The wing HSO will continue to monitor COVID-19 Community Risk Level, as well as data on any trending illnesses, and advise the wing commander if we need to change our posture in response. 

f. Outbreaks will be reported in the CAP Safety Information System.  

h. The wing PAO will update the COVID-19 page on the website and include this memo/plan. 

i. The Remobilization Team is demobilized. Copies of the final versions of each plan are archived. 

j. If we need to change posture in the future, additional guidance will be provided. 

  1. We're leaving the crisis behind us, but let's retain the positive that we've learned through this: 

a. The value of virtual options to allow meetings despite severe weather or loss of meeting location, expanded access to VOLU classes and other training, and opportunities for members to attend some wing events when in-person might not be feasible. 

b. Respect for our different levels of comfort with risk.   

c. Virtual ICP operations as the norm and the use of Teams as a platform for effective communications. 

  1. I appreciate everyone’s innovation and flexibility throughout the last 2.5 years.  A special shout out goes to the COVID-19 Task Force members--you made a difficult process easier and served professionally.  Thanks to the unit commanders and cadet commanders for providing leadership, ingenuity, and motivation to keep your units going and thriving in these challenging times. Together, we addressed the crisis, created new ways to execute missions, and served our communities.  





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