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VAWG COVID-19 Remobilization

Virginia Wing Guidance on COVID-19 Remobilization


I. Situation

A.      Current Threat:

• COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that has caused a global outbreak and associated public health declarations including social distancing, protective equipment, and an increased focus on hygiene.

• Because of the variation in impacts and legal restrictions across the various states, there is no one-size-fits-all response for the Civil Air Patrol to use in this situation.

• Virginia Wing transitioned to Phase III on 13 May 2021.

• According to the Covid ActNow website, as of 13 May 2021, Virginia’s daily new cases have dropped to levels not seen in almost a year. The infection rate also continues to fall and the number of those who are fully vaccinated continues to rise. 

B.      Current Remedies:

Virginia Wing is in Phase III

• As COVID-19 hospitalizations and infection rates continue to decline and the numbers of those vaccinated rise in Virginia,   Governor Northam further eased restrictions for by removing the mask requirement for fully vaccinated individuals.   Outdoor gathering limitations are 250 outdoors and 100 indoors. Full details on the executive order updates can be found at  


II.                  Mission

At the direction of the VAWG/CC, the remobilization team will continue to provide guidance to the wing with respect to meetings, single-day events, and overnight activities in accordance with local, state, and federal guidance.


III.                Execution

A.      Commander’s Intent:

• Per  VAWG/CC's memo on 18 May 2021 (in accordance with guidance from CAP/CC and the CDC):

  • Members are fully no longer are required to wear masks but may if they choose.

  • Members who are not fully vaccinated:  

    • Masks are still required indoors, in COVs, and in CAP aircraft.  

    • Masks are required outdoors when within 6 feet of others. This means that drill and formations held outdoors can be at normal interval if masks are worn. The same with awards presentations, group photos, etc.

  • Full capacity is allowable for aircraft and COVs as required by the mission. Use ventilation to reduce risk.

  • Members who wish to attend out-of-wing multi-day and overnight activities need to submit the attached Out-of-Wing Activity Checklist when they submit their activity request for my approval.

  • Units continue to submit 160s forms to Lt Munger for review by the Remobilization Team. All members and guests will continue to use the Health Screening Questionnaire available on the wing website (Apr 21).

  •  As our activities increase, please pay extra attention to safety, cadet protection, and remobilization requirements. Members who have not seen each other for months will not necessarily be thinking about these so it's more important than ever that we plan for this. Allow for fun and needed social interaction--these are essential elements--but let's do it safely and maintain awareness of what everyone is doing.  

•     All participation in CAP activities is fully up to the member and their comfort level. Virtual accommodations will continue where possible.

B.      Concept of Operations

•     The remobilization team will have plans approved by the wing command team and the NHQ team and will be distributed to the wing once approved. 

•      Orientation rides, aircrew and ground team training (on local, Wing and Region levels), legislative flights, proficiency flights, and flight evaluations are all allowed in Phase III.  Further details are in the operations section of the Phase III plan.

C.       Chain of Command

•     1st Lt Tamara Munger is the lead POC for organizing Virginia’s phased plans. If you have any concerns, please route them through your chain of command (unit commander, group commander, etc.). 

D.      Information Flow

•     Further information from National Headquarters can be found:



  E.      Remobilization Status

•     Effective 24 June 2020, Virginia Wing is in Phase I, abiding by the instructions provided here.

•     Effective 8 July 2020, Virginia Wing is in Phase II, abiding by the instructions provided here.

•     Effective 15 Nov 2020, no more than 25 individuals are permitted at any CAP in-person meetings or activities.

•     Effective 14 Dec 2020, further restrictions apply - all VAWG units shall have only virtual-based activities and meetings through 31 Jan 2021. Any critical activities must have the fewest personnel present (cannot exceed governor's order) and be approved by the appropriate group commander. 

      Effective 15 Jan 2021, VAWG units may resume approved in-person meetings and events with a maximum of 10 persons in attendance.  This includes senior members, guests and family members.

       Effective 1 Feb 2021, Virginia Wing is in Phase I.  CAP units are authorized to have meetings and participate in activities, indoor or outdoor, involving 10 or fewer members and cadet parents, with NO additional non-CAP personnel present.  Flight Evaluations, Crew Proficiency flights, Dual Instruction, Individual aircrew training and carefully pre-scheduled local CAP Orientation Flights also may continue.

      Effective 22 Feb 2021, Virginia Wing returns to Phase II abiding by the instructions listed here.  Virginia Wing continues to comply with the Governor's 10-person limit on all gatherings.

      Effective 1 Mar 2021, Virginia Wing will continue with a modified version of Phase II in compliance with the Governor's newest restrictions:  In-person activities remain limited to 10 total attendees.  The limit for outdoor activities has been raised to 25 participants.

       Effective 1 Apr 2021, Virginia Wing will expand fully into Phase II.  The limit for both outdoor and indoor activities has been expanded to 50 participants.  However, social distancing must be maintained.  The size of the facility will dictate the number of people that may be safely accommodated.  Everyone, whether vaccinated or not, should continue to wear masks, wash/sanitize hands and stay home if ill.

       Effective 13 May 2021, Virginia Wing is in Phase III.  VAWG will follow state guidance for social gathering limits.

       Effective 18 May 2021, per CAP/CC guidance in accordance with the CDC,  masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated members unless required by a particular area, activity or facility.


F. Additional Files

Click here for the COVID-19 Questionnaire (Updated April 2021).

Click here for the CAPF160 Phase III template. 


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