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VAWG COVID-19 Remobilization

Virginia Wing Guidance on COVID-19 Remobilization


I. Situation

A. Current Threat:

• COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that has caused a global outbreak and associated public health declarations including social distancing, protective equipment, and an increased focus on hygiene. Delta Variant in the fall of 2021 then quick-spreading Omicron in winter of 2021/2022 has caused numbers of cases to go up around the world.

• Because of the variation in impacts and legal restrictions across the various states, there is no one-size-fits-all response for the Civil Air Patrol to use in this situation.


B. Current Remedies:

• Virginia Wing is currently in Phase III (effective 24 FEB 2022) 

•Per the 31 Jan 2022 Memorandum from CAP/CC, Phase III personnel limits are now as follows:

  •  Indoor meetings/activitiesNo restrictions on the number of attendees

  • Outdoor meetings/activities: No restrictions on the number of attendees

  • No Physical distancing requirements

  • Continue to submit 160S for gatherings

  • Continue Self-Screening


II. Mission

At the direction of the VAWG/CC, the remobilization team will continue to provide guidance to the wing with respect to meetings, single-day events, and overnight activities in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.


III. Execution

A. Commander’s Intent:

Virginia Wing will continue to move towards normal operations while taking measures to protect the health and wellness of our members. Missions must continue and training must be pursued to ensure we can respond to the missions and to advance members' education and training. We will provide access through virtual connections, when feasible, to those members whose health conditions limit their ability to participate in person. We will adhere to the guidance of CAP, CDC, and local facilities to manage risk from the pandemic. Balancing opportunities and risks will ensure we provide a safe, dynamic, and educational environment for all members while accomplishing our missions.


Virginia Wing will follow the CDC's recommendations to wear a well-fitting mask indoors in public, regardless of vaccination status or individual risk, in localities where COVID-19 levels are High.


Use the CDC's 'COVID-19 County Check' to determine your localities COVID-19 level at this link:


Per VAWG/CC's memo on 27 February 2022:

  • Squadron Commanders should check their county Community Level where their unit meets and may immediately adjust mask requirements accordingly. Notify your members and send an update to your group commander.

  • Group commanders will provide a summary to wing command staff for awareness.

  • Some host installations/facilities may continue to require masks for everyone indoors. The stricter guidance should always be followed. Check with the host facility for guidance.

  • Members may choose to wear a mask at any time without having to provide an explanation.

  • If mask wear is required, members may remove their mask briefly for photos during awards and promotions.

  • If a member is addressing a large group, they may remove their mask for the time of their remarks but should be separated from others on a stage or by distance. In either case, total exposure should be managed to keep it under 15 minutes of cumulative close contact with any given individual.


  • Aircrews, the following are authorized in Phase III:

    • Flight Evaluations

    • A7 and C7 CAPF5 and CAPF91 Flight Evaluations 

    • A12, B12, and C12 Pilot proficiency sorties flown IAW CAPS 71-4 & CAPS 71-5, including both powered and glider proficiency sorties. 

    • A9 consolidated maintenance sorties 

    • A40, A42, and A43 flight training and/or proficiency for eligible CAP cadets 

    • A5 Aircrew training & proficiency sorties flown IAW CAPS 71-1 

    • A15 powered and glider CAP cadet orientation sorties flown IAW CAPP 60-40 

    • A6 AFROTC orientation, A8 AFJROTC, orientation, A19 Teacher orientation sorties when authorized by CAP NHQ  

    • Legislative flights 

  • Small-Group Crew Training (units or groups of locally conducted training for members to earn crew qualifications, not large area classes so that we avoid any potential for overnight activities; personnel would generally be flying with local people they know) 

Wing Specific:

    • The following flight operations are authorized for VAWG during Phase III:

    • Traditional crew training allowing for large Wing or Region class sessions

    • Flight Academies

    • Orientation rides allow two backseat passengers (Cessna 172, Cessna 182) or crew of up to 8 (including the pilot) for the GA8 when allowable according to CAPP 60-40.

The entire crew will follow the most current guidance for wearing masks while bearing in mind that airport properties may require masks for all individuals.  

The guidance from the CAP Remobilization Team as of 14 Oct 2021, is to follow the CDC’s strong recommendation that masks be worn by both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals “in areas with substantial or high pandemic activity”. Also, use air vents, emphasize proper hydration, and do not participate if ill or have an elevated infection risk due to recent exposure.  

Aircrews should discuss vaccination and exposure status during flight planning and then prepare for their sorties accordingly. 


Operations - Aircrew Vaccination Status Discussions (Preflight) 

Aircrew members may ask if everyone in the crew is vaccinated. Response to the question is a personal choice. 

If members decline to confirm their vaccination status, the Pilot in Command (PIC) may require masks to be worn in the aircraft. 

A member of an aircrew may elect to only fly with vaccinated members. 

This discussion should happen as early as possible before arriving for the flight (during the planning phase) so that adjustments can be made for mask wear or crew selection before it impacts the mission. 

Aircraft and associated equipment (e.g., headsets) will be cleaned in accordance with the logistics section of this guidance. 


Guidelines for Vehicles:

    • Everyone in the vehicle must wear a good quality, well-fitting facial covering, unless everyone in the vehicle has been fully vaccinated. In that case, facial masks may be optional for passengers.

    • Seating can be adjusted up to the vehicle's maximum capacity.

    • Ensure that cabin vents are open and allow for airflow into and out of the van.


  • Units continue to submit 160s forms and queries to Major Ledwell for review by the Remobilization Team. All members and guests should continue to use the Health Screening Questionnaire.

  • All participation in CAP activities is fully up to the member and their comfort level. Virtual accommodations will continue when feasible.

B. Concept of Operations

  • The remobilization team will have plans approved by the wing command team and will be distributed to the wing once approved.

  • Orientation rides following the guidelines listed above in Commander's Intent

  • Further details are in the operations section of the Phase III plan.

C. Chain of Command

• As of 1 Feb 2022, Major Brian Ledwell is the lead POC for organizing Virginia’s phased plans. If you have any concerns or questions, please route them through your chain of command (unit commander, group commander, etc.). 

D. Information Flow

• Further information from National Headquarters can be found:



E.    Remobilization Status

  • Effective 22 FEB 2022, Virginia Wing is in Phase III  

F. Additional Files

Click here for the COVID-19 Questionnaire (Updated Dec 2021).

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