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The Virginia Wing, Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Advisory Council is a committee created under the guidance of CAPR 60-1 and CAPP 52-19. The three core missions of the CAC are:

• Provide a forum where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels.

• Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program.

• Make recommendations to the commander for improving and running the Cadet Program.

Towards these ends, the VAWG CAC is organized at the Wing level with a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Recorder, as well as at the Group level with Groups 1 through 4 each authorized a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Recorder. The CAC officers are as follows:


VAWG CAC Chair Cadet Lt. Col. Braylynn Stevens
VAWG CAC Vice-Chair Cadet Maj. Samuel Ten
VAWG CAC Recorder Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Catherine Callihan
Group 1 CAC Chair Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Daniel Bennett
Group 2 CAC Chair Cadet Lt. Col. Rachel Sherrod
Group 3 CAC Chair Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Ever Bono
Group 3 CAC Vice-Chair Cadet 2nd. Lt. Madeline Marcelle
Group 3 CAC Recorder Cadet 2nd. Lt. Alisha Sitoula
Group 4 CAC Chair Cadet 1st. Lt. Daniel Germain
Group 4 CAC Vice-Chair Cadet 2nd. Lt. Joseph Hartley
Primary MAR Representative Cadet Capt. Yashvir Sabharwal
Assistant MAR Representative Cadet 2nd. Lt. Rebekah Wenniger
CAC Senior Advisor Capt. Martin Simpkins


If you have any questions regarding the Cadet Advisory Council, please email the Senior Advisor, Captain Martin Simpkins (


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