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Cadet Executive Command Course


This day-long course will offer a unique experience to develop and prepare current and future Virginia Wing Cadet Commanders to better lead their Squadrons while expanding connections and networks. There will be a multitude of challenges, classes, and activities from Staff Selections to Senior Member Expectations.


Applications:  Student Application - Closed July 10th Cadre Application - Closed July 3rd

If you are interested in helping as a SM, please email the contact information found below.

What: The Cadet Executive Command course is a 6-hour course that teaches cadets what it's like to lead as an executive officer. The course will cover how to delegate, supervise, provide feedback, select staff, and much more. Anyone who wants to learn more about leadership at an executive level should apply so that you can take back the information you've learned in this course to your squadron to grow yourself and others as leaders.


Requirements: There are no student requirements; No minimum rank. No required previous squadron positions.  Cadre must be a minimum rank of C/2nd Lt. and have recommended (not required) at least 6 months of Cadet Executive experience at home unit. Make sure you have the time commitment to create, plan, and execute classes for this course.


When: August 6th, 9am-3pm, unless driving up the night before with squadron commander (read more below).


Where: VAWG HQ, 7401 Airfield Drive, Richmond, VA 23237.  

Transportation: Not provided, but this event coincides with the Commander’s Call at the same location. However, the Commander’s Call is on the night of the 5th through the 6th, so if you cannot get a ride with a family member or fellow cadet, contact your squadron commander and see if you can ride up with them the night before the event. That said, sleeping arrangements will be sleeping bags (not provided), separated by male and female, and breakfast will be available. Also, if you decide to stay overnight, the event still does not begin until 9 AM, so you will have to wait on the morning of the 6th until everything is set up to begin training. If you have transportation and will not be riding with your squadron commander on the 5th, then please arrive on the 6th. The overnight option is only for cadets riding with their squadron commanders on the 5th.


Cost and Food: There is no cost for attendance. Food (pizza) will be offered for a $5 fee. Feel free to bring your own lunch. If you have allergies, please let us know so we can accommodate.


More information is found in the form applications. If you still have any questions, please contact the following:

Leadership Team

Activity Coordinator: 2nd Lt. Brandy Lambert-Stevens -

Cadet Commander: C/Lt. Col. Ethan Hebner Deputy Commander: C/Maj. Rachel Sherrod Deputy Commander: C/Capt. Braylynn Stevens

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