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Spaatz Exam Procedures

Spaatz Exam Procedures

Requesting your exam:

  • Review the procedures in CAPR 60-1 para 5.8 (CAPR 60-1 is testable material), then follow this link to request your exam (use your Office 365 VAWG account).

  • Allow at least 3 weeks after approval (include an additional week to obtain unit, group, and wing approval) to coordinate a proctor and location.

  • Cadets who need to test sooner (immediately after Eaker) may submit a request prior to completion of Eaker Award and explain their desire/need to test immediately. This will allow approval conditional upon award of the Eaker and allow coordinating with the proctor.

  • For retests, procedures are the same. Note the minimum wait times between attempts, specified in CAPR 60-1.

Taking your exam:

  • You must arrive in an authorized uniform and meet standards in CAPR 39-1.

  • PT “uniform” is not an option as it’s not in CAPR 39-1. You will have time to change into PT for the fitness test.

  • You can choose which order to test. The following components are tested and each allowed 1 hour. All are closed book/no notes. For details on what is testable go to

    • Comprehensive Aerospace (online, multiple choice)

    • Comprehensive Leadership (paper, multiple choice)

    • Character Development Essay (written or typed)

    • Cadet Physical Fitness Test (mile run might be outdoors)

    • Location needs to have access to a track or measured mile distance

  • Bring: 

    • CAPID

    • PT clothes, appropriate for weather

    • Water

    • Lunch/snacks/drinks

Spectators / Family:

  • It is your decision if you want anyone else there (e.g. family), but there isn’t much for them to observe except the CPFT. We will take short breaks between each part of the test. Allow 5 hours total

Other Details:

  • VAWG/CP will appoint the proctor. This cannot be a relative or from the same unit as the cadet

  • The proctor will coordinate date/time/location directly with the cadet and ensure a 2nd senior is available for CPP (not a proctor)

  • The proctor will bring all items needed for the exams, or will coordinate in advance with the squadron to provide specific items (e.g. sit-and-reach box)

If you have any problems on the morning of the test, don’t hesitate to call or text the proctor. If you have to postpone, let the proctor know as soon as possible

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