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Summer Encampment


Announcing the 2021 Virginia Wing Summer Encampment 


(T) 1 August - 8 August 2021 at Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia


Tentative Important Dates:
  • To Be Announced - Senior Member Staff Applications Open
  • To Be Announced - Executive Cadet Cadre Applications Open
  • To Be Announced - Ops & Support Cadre Applications Open
  • To Be Announced - Cadre Selection Exercise - Virginia Wing Headquarters, Richmond, VA
  • (T) 12 - 14 March 2021 - Staff Training Weekend 1 - Fort Pickett
  • (T) 25 - 27 June 2021 - Staff Training Weekend 2 - Fort Pickett
  • 29/30 July 2021 - Advanced Staff Arrival 
  • 31 July 2021 - Cadet Cadre Arrival
  • 1 August 2021 - Student Arrival 
  • 8 August 2021 - Graduation 

The purpose of the cadet encampment is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and solidify their moral character.


The vision for the cadet encampment is “an immersion into the full challenges and opportunities of cadet life.”


The purpose of encampment is for each cadet to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Investigate aerospace sciences and related careers
  • Commit to a habit of regular exercise
  • Solidify their moral character
Virginia Wing's Vision

 We will be the cadet leadership training center of excellence in Virginia Wing, Mid-Atlantic Region, and beyond. Cadets who graduate from our encampment will gain new respect for themselves and others, recommit to lives of volunteer service, embrace what it means to lead with integrity, and challenge themselves to the pursuit of excellence in all they do. We will accomplish this by teaching leadership concepts primarily through the example we set while maintaining a more challenging strictness, rigor, sense of urgency, and overall expectation of military bearing than normal CAP activities. Senior members and cadet leaders (cadre) will strive to be role models for CAP core values. We will establish and maintain an environment of respect where each member of the team, including parents, students, base personnel, and anyone else with whom we come into contact are honored. We will hold each other accountable for uniform standards, respectful behavior, and mission accomplishment. We will support one another by continuously improving on our strengths and building up those areas where we are weak.


Encampment is one of the most significant experiences in a cadet’s career, and it is the premiere cadet programs event in the Wing, involving around 350 cadets and senior members from across the Commonwealth.

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Have a question that you were not able to find an answer to on this site? Contact us! 

Most administration questions can be answered by emailing enc-da @ 

Leadership Contacts:

Encampment Commander, Major Michael McCabe - michael.mccabe @ 

Director of Cadet Programs,  Capt Sarah Nutbrown - sarah.nutbrown @  

We will publish emergency phone contacts to this page closer to the activity. 

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