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Meet the Cadre!

Meet the Cadre!

The following squadron level operations cadre and support chiefs who will be leading this Encampment!


Group 1 Commander (Squadrons 1-3): C/Capt. Braylynn Stevens

Squadron 1 Commander (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie flights): C/1st Lt. Medha Indukuri

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Squadron 1 First Sergeant: C/Chief Master Sgt. Israel Reyes

Squadron 2 Commander (Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot Flights): C/Maj. Lucas Bottorff

Squadron 2 First Sergeant: C/Chief Master Sgt. Mary Homa

Squadron 3 Commander (Golf, Hotel, and India flights): C/Lt. Col. Tevin Adams

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Squadron 3 First Sergeant: C/Chief Master Sgt. Sarah Modersohn

Group 2 Commander (Squadrons 4-6): C/Capt. Samuel Ten

Squadron 4 Commander (Juliet, Kilo, and Lima flights): C/Capt. Halia Hoffman

Squadron 4 First Sergeant: C/Chief Master Sgt. Brista Stevens

Squadron 5 Commander (Mike, November, and Oscar flights): C/Maj. Nicholas Gregoriou

Squadron 5 First Sergeant: C/Chief Master Sgt. Andrew Chang

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Squadron 6 Commander (Papa, Quebec, and Romeo flights): C/1st Lt. Elsa Fassero

Squadron 6 First Sergeant: C/Chief Master Sgt. Steven Kramp

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First Aid Support Team Chief: C/Chief Master Sgt. Ralph Morrison

Safety Chief: C/Tech. Sgt. Cornell Burke

Logistics Chief: C/2nd Lt. Daniel Germain

Dining Services Chief: C/Chief Master Sgt. Daniel Bennett

Curriculum & Plans Chief: C/Chief Master Sgt. Leila Hamza

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CAPWATCH Chief: C/Tech. Sgt. Aden Doniger

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Communications Chief: C/1st Lt. Samuel Morrow

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Public Affairs Chief: C/1st Lt. Madalyn Sharp

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