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Frequently Asked Questions


Student Cost - $350

Cadet Cadre Cost - $250

Senior Member Cost - $50

Payments will be collected via EventBrite and the link will be distributed to applicants once they have completed and submitted all paperwork portions of their application package without any errors as determined by the administration staff.



The Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) is an available option and the application process (separate - through e-Services) will open on November 1st. Please click here for full details. 

It is encouraged to apply as soon as possible as funds have been distributed as first come, first served in the past for this program. 



1. How will I know if I have been approved? 

 - National Headquarters will email you directly (at your email that is on-file in e-Services). There is no way to check from e-Services for cadets.

2. When will I know if I have been approved?

- The CEAP website (link above) states notifications would be sent within 10 days of unit approval.

- CEAP applications close 30 days before the start of encampment.

3. How do I ensure my encampment (student and cadre) application is on-time without knowing if I have funds to attend?

- For both students and cadet cadre, you will select "Pay By Check" in EventBrite and you must follow-up with an email to advising you are awaiting receipt of a scholarship or CEAP. This notification is required so we do not expect a check from you. 

4. What if I am not eligible for CEAP, or do not receive CEAP funds, but still looking for funding to attend encampment? 

- All cadets that request financial assistance or scholarships should apply for CEAP. VAWG will automatically consider those not awarded CEAP automatically once all CEAP funding has been expended. All cadets will be considered in order of priority, if they have/haven't attended, age (oldest first), and submission date. Please note: this may result in only a few days  between financial assistance award notification and the beginning of encampment. 


Virginia Wing cadets may also apply for an encampment scholarships from the wing, follow the directions in the memo provided by the director of cadet programs. 

Unit Commanders can review status of CEAP applications in e-Services under Cadet Programs > Event Administration > Encampments > Encampment Reports. 


Q & A

Commonly asked questions and answers will be posted here. 


Packing List 

Administration will email you the current packing list with your welcome package. 


Media Updates

  • VAWG Encampment Facebook Page  - Check out our Facebook page to see our past and future postings from the encampment during the week, as well as photos and graduation information. Please take a moment to look in our albums on Facebook for specific squadrons, flights and special events! As always, if you have a suggestion, send us a message!  

  • Virginia Wing's YouTube Channel - view past encampment videos here! 

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