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Augusta Composite Squadron is the oldest squadron in the state and consists of adult and youth members from diverse backgrounds, volunteering together to serve our community, state, and Nation. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and it consists of thousands of members, ranging from cadets to senior members, who dedicate their time and effort to serve communities across the United States. Within CAP, the term "composite squadron" refers to a squadron that consists of both cadets (younger members typically between the ages of 12 and 21) and senior members (those 18 and older), allowing us to undertake a comprehensive range of CAP missions, from aerospace education and cadet programs to emergency services.

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has three primary missions that guide its service and volunteer efforts throughout the United States:

  1. Emergency Services: This encompasses search and rescue (SAR) operations, disaster relief, humanitarian services, and Air Force support. CAP is best known for its search and rescue efforts, with squadrons frequently called upon to locate downed aircraft and missing individuals. They are also actively involved in disaster relief operations, providing aerial photographs for damage assessment, transportation of vital supplies, and communications support. Additionally, CAP supports the Air Force by providing light transport, communications support, and low-altitude route surveys.
  2. Cadet Programs: The CAP cadet program is designed to educate the youth in aviation, space, and technology. It aims to inspire the next generation with leadership skills, moral leadership, and the value of community service. Cadets are given opportunities to lead, participate in physical fitness activities, and learn about aviation through actual flight experiences, aerospace education, and training in leadership. These programs can be pivotal in shaping the careers of young aviators, engineers, and future leaders of America.
  3. Aerospace Education: CAP has a commitment to foster a love and understanding of aviation and space in both its members and the general public. Aerospace education within CAP is twofold: internal education for its members, including cadets and adult volunteers, and external education for the general public, especially America’s educators and youth. This mission component is focused on ensuring that American citizens understand the importance of aerospace to the nation’s security and welfare.

These missions are supported by a fleet of aircraft, vehicles, and a network of volunteers who are trained to perform in various capacities, from pilots and ground team members to educators and mentors. CAP members wear uniforms and are recognized as a part of the Air Force’s total force, which includes active duty, reserve, and National Guard units.

Where we meet

Dynamic Aviation
1402 Airport Rd
Bridgewater, VA 22812

Meetings are each Monday from 6:30pm to 9:15pm. Check our calendar for more details. Meetings cancellations are based on Augusta County Schools cancellation policy.


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