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Group 3


Group 3 is the headquarters echelon for Northern Virginia. It runs from our eastern border with National Capital Wing, west to the border with West Virginia, and south to Culpeper County.

County map of Group 3

Group 3 has three aircraft, six vehicles, and over 800 volunteers in six local units:

  • Burke Composite Squadron (Fairfax County)
    • Commander: Maj. Julie Demyanovich
    • Website:
  • Leesburg Composite Squadron (Loudoun County)
    • Commander: Capt. Shannon Smith
    • Website:
  • Minuteman Composite Squadron (Culpeper County)
    • Commander: Lt. Col. Joseph Ronzio
    • Website:
  • Prince William Composite Squadron (Prince William County)
    • Commander: Capt. Stephen Littlewood
    • Website:
  • William P. Knight Composite Squadron (Fairfax County)
    • Commander: Capt. Lester Flores
    • Website:
  • Winchester Composite Squadron (Frederick County)
    • Commander: Maj. Jacob Bixler
    • Website:

Group Staff

Group 3 is led by a dedicated team of volunteer professionals, mostly members in squadrons serving additional duties at the group level. If you are in a squadron and need subject matter expertise in any of CAP's staff areas or specialty tracks, key personnel for the group are listed below:

Commander Lt. Col. Daniel Brodsky
Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Dean "Norm" Anderson
Group NCO Vacant
Aerospace Education Officer Lt. Col. Daniel Brodsky
Administrative Officer Capt. Sara Demyanovich
Cadet Programs Officer Capt. Sara Demyanovich
Character Development Instructor Capt. Jan Whiteley
Communications Officer Lt. Col. Bruce Patterson
Education and Training Officer Maj. Julie Demyanovich
Emergency Services Officer Capt. Stephen Littlewood
Finance Officer Maj. John Broman
Health Services Officer Capt. Stephen Littlewood
Logistics Officer Lt. Col. H. Lloyd Harting
Operations Officer (Aircraft) Lt. Col. Michael Thompson
Operations Officer (sUAS) Lt. Col. Kevin Bollino
Personnel Officer 1st Lt. Jiangfeng Ye
Public Affairs Officer Capt. Christopher Freeze
Safety Officer Maj. Scott Kaplan
Stan/Eval Officer Lt. Col. Dean "Norm" Anderson
Transportation Officer 2nd Lt. Navin Sitoula

















Calendar of Events

Below is a calendar of group-level events.

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