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Prince William Composite Squadron


Prince William Composite Squadron (Manassas, VA)     


Who We Are

Prince William Composite Squadron (VA-102) consists of over 75 adult and youth members from diverse backgrounds, volunteering together to serve our community, state, and nation.

Civil Air Patrol senior members are adult volunteers (ages 18+) who want to use their experiences and skills to serve their community. Senior members serve as pilots, aircrew, radio operators, administrators, public affairs officers, ground team members, and mentors for youth.

If you are a professional in almost any field, we can show you how to use your skills in a volunteer setting to help provide aerospace education, emergency services, and youth leadership development. Or, we can introduce you to activities that are totally different from your day job.

Civil Air Patrol cadets (ages 12-20) are inducted into the Cadet Program which transforms youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders. The program follows a military model and emphases U.S. Air Force traditions and values. Cadets participate in a wide variety of activities during their cadet career, but it all starts with the weekly squadron meetings. At weekly meetings, cadets learn how to wear the uniform properly, participate in physical fitness, and how to perform precise drill movements as a team. Cadets also engage in discussions related to one’s character and living the CAP Core Values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. 

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Where We Meet

National Guard Armory Building (in front of the Prince William County Fairgrounds).
10628 Dumfries Rd Manassas, VA 20112


Meetings are each Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  

Check our calendar (below) for more details. If you plan to visit, please contact us in advance! 

Dulles Aviation: we meet here to go fly (e.g., orientation rides, air missions, and training).
10501 Observation Rd Manassas, VA 20110

The "Operations Trailer": where we often rally for our road trips and where we meet to operate radio communications nets.
10500 Observation Rd Manassas, VA 20110

Contact Us / Join

Have further questions? Want to visit or contact us? Please contact us via the form provided here or via the email provided below.

Public Affairs Contact -

Public Affairs Contact Form

Patch Heraldry



In June 2013, Virginia Wing Commander Col. Jim Covel approved the current squadron patch (image furthest to the left) and emblem design for Prince William Composite Squadron. The new emblem brings forward our squadron motto: To The Stars.

The emblem's design revives the heraldry of the patch approved by the Wing in 1989 (image furthest to the right). This patch was designed by Lt. Col. B.T. Marking, who was the squadron commander at the time.

The essential design of the Prince William Composite Squadron crest emulates a royal coat of arms and is derived heavily from our previously approved crest, updated to reflect current USAF patch guidance. Adopting this style pays tribute to the unit’s namesake, Prince William, the Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765), and to the county in Virginia named for him which is the unit’s home. 

The depiction of a knight’s helmet in the lower sector of the crest reminds us of a heritage of chivalry.

The central feature of the crest is the chevron. Dividing the crest into sectors, it resembles an arrow pointing skyward and symbolizes the unit’s continuing efforts toward betterment. The checkered pattern of the chevron is reminiscent of the checkered flag marking the end of a race for a triumphant competitor. As a competitive spirit is the cornerstone of Prince William’s strategy for achievement, this pattern is very significant.

Three stars adorn the upper sector of the crest. These, of course, symbolize the three missions of Civil Air Patrol: Aerospace Education, the Cadet Program, and Emergency Services. The combination of the chevron and the stars captures the essence of the unit’s adopted motto: “Ad Astra Per Aspera.” Translated from Latin, this means: “To The Stars We Aspire.” Shortened and translated from Latin, our motto “To The Stars” indicates the high standards expected of Prince William’s members.

The stars also reflect Prince William’s commitment to excellence in all three endeavors. They are patterned after the ancient mariner’s compass rose in the hope that we may never lose our way in the arduous journey toward these lofty goals.

The original squadron crest was based on an orange and gray color scheme. The current colors of the patch are inherited from the Civil Air Patrol emblem and USAF colors. Blue signifies the sky, which is the primary theater for Air Force operations as well as Civil Air Patrol’s underpinning aerospace orientation. Yellow signifies the excellence that is expected of all Civil Air Patrol personnel. The red and white of the chevron signify the boldness and truthfulness which marks our members’ pursuit of excellence.

Squadron Calendar 


How to Become a Member

Parents, Grandparents, and Legal Guardians of cadets, you can join as an adult member too! If you have limited time but would like to occasionally drive or chaperone events you can become a cadet sponsor member at a reduced cost. Just ask at the unit you visit. 

If you’ve read enough and you’re interested in joining us, read on.

Step 1 Contact us.  Please contact us via the contact us form or via the email provided above. 

Step 2 Attend three meetings. Ask lots of questions!

If you are visiting and you are over 18, let us know you're visiting and someone will show you around and answer any questions you may have. 

If you are visiting and you are under 18, bring your parents and your questions! The best way to get to know us is to jump right into formation (we'll show you how). Here's who will help you:

  • Cadet staff (young people in leadership positions),

  • Cadet Program senior members (adult leaders are called “senior members”),

  • The unit’s Deputy Commander for Cadets (senior member who leads the unit's cadet program).

Step 3 Verify identity. To accomplish this, you can either:

  1. Show us your passport, or 

  2. Show us 

  • One Federal-, State-, or School-issued photo ID, AND 

  • Your birth certificate or Social Security Card. 

There are a few other ways to accomplish this including some foreign passports, a permanent resident card, and more, but your local unit will help you with those details.

Step 4 Apply online (cadets) or by paper form (adults).

Note please: All adult members are required to be fingerprinted and undergo FBI screening.

What does it cost?

  • Senior Members: $53 (National & Wing Fee) + $30 (Squadron Dues)

  • Cadets: $35 (National and Wing Fee) + $23 (Squadron Dues, includes patch)

  • Cadet Sponsor Member: $30 (National Fee-only, no Wing/Squadron Dues)


Other Helpful Information

Wreaths Across America 

Each year, Prince William Composite Squadron (VA-102) proudly honors our Nation's fallen veterans by participating in the Wreaths Across America event. You can partner with us by clicking on the link below or by filling out the printable form (see link below) and mailing it to the address provided on the form.

You can also navigate to and search for Prince William Composite Squadron, or look up our group number: VA0083P

A portion of the donated funds goes to helping Prince William Composite Squadron empower our members to serve our communities.

Each December, Prince William Composite Squadron (VA-102) proudly honors our fallen veterans by participating in the Arlington National Cemetary Wreaths Across America Ceremony. You can partner with us by clicking on the link below.

VA-102 Wreaths Across America online donation page

VA-102 Wreaths Across America donation form (printable)

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