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Prince William Composite Squadron


Prince William Composite Squadron (Manassas, VA)     


Join the Prince William Composite Squadron (VA-102): Where Passion Meets Purpose and Futures are Shaped. 

Rooted in the heart of the Prince William community, our squadron boasts a dynamic group of over 100 dedicated adults and youth from all walks of life. As an integral part of the Civil Air Patrol, we stand united in our commitment to serve America's communities, save lives, and mold the leaders of tomorrow. In the spirit of volunteerism, we strive to make a tangible difference at the local, state, and national levels. 

For Youth (12-20):

Dive into a transformative experience with the Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Program. Beyond embracing the principles and traditions of the U.S. Air Force, we offer you a vast horizon of opportunities. Engage in vital Emergency Services, immerse yourself in cutting-edge STEM programs, and soar the skies with an introduction to flight.

Our weekly squadron meetings are just the starting point of your enriching cadet journey. Alongside learning core values, you'll also interact with seasoned professionals from the aerospace community, gaining invaluable insights and perspectives. And as you progress, we take pride in celebrating your achievements and promotions, honoring your dedication and hard work. 

Join us, and let the skies be the canvas of your dreams and aspirations.

For Adults (18+):

Discover a world where your skills and passions converge for a greater cause. At Prince William Composite Squadron, every individual, every expertise, and every experience matters.

Military Veterans:

If you've served, are are still serving, in our nation's military - irrespective of the branch - we value and need your seasoned leadership and service experience. Bring the ethos of dedication and discipline, and guide both our adult and cadet members, ensuring the tradition of services continues. 

Aerospace Enthusiasts & Professionals:

Share your aerospace knowledge and keep the flame of curiosity alive! Not only will you be instrumental in furthering the education of our members, but you'll also play a pivotal role in the advancing aerospace and STEM outreach programs, connecting with local schools and organizations. 

Parents of Cadets: 

As you proudly watch your child's growth and evolution within the Cadet Program, have you considered joining them on this transformative journey? Your presence at meetings and events is not only a testament to your support for your cadet but also a valuable investment of your time that could further benefit our squadron. 

We deeply recognize the foundation parents provide to their cadets. Your insights, leadership, and life experiences can further enrich our community, making it more robust and diverse. Moreover, while you're already spending precious moments at our meetings, why not channel that time into a role that aligns with your interests? Our squadron leadership is eager to discuss the multitude of membership opportunities available to you. Whether it's a supportive role tailored to ensure both you and your cadet make the most the Civil Air Patrol experience, or a more active one where you can learn and hone new skills, there's a place for you in our family. 

Remember, the success and vibrancy of our squadron isn't just built on our cadets and senior members. Parents are a pillar of our structure, ensuring continuity, commitment, and community. You are an integral part of our squadron's tapestry, and we value and cherish your involvement. 

Become a part of our legacy:

Every individual brings a unique hue to our vibrant tapestry, and together, we craft a legacy of service, growth, and community. Whether you're donning the uniform for the first time or bringing a wealth of experience, your journey with us adds to our collective story. 

Join our squadron family, where together, we soar higher, serve with unwavering dedication, and shape the future. 

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Where Passions Align:

If you are looking to find where dedication meets purpose, join us every Tuesday evening at 7pm at our regular squadron meeting.

Location: National Guard Armory Building (in front of the Prince William County Fairgrounds).
10628 Dumfries Rd Manassas, VA 20112

Connect & Collaborate with Prince William Composite Squadron

Our Leadership Team:

Building a community of service and excellence requires dedicated leadership. Meet the team guiding our mission:

For Media & Event Collaborations:

Our Public Affairs Officers are your primary contacts for press releases, event support, and media inquires. Let's amplify the good work together!

Fostering Aerospace & STEM Partnerships:

For schools, aerospace organizations, and educators passionate about STEM and aerospace education: let's ignite imaginations and propel potential together. Discover the myriad programs and opportunities Civil Air Patrol and Prince William Composite Squadron can offer.

Eager to Join or Collaborate?

Every individual, every organization brings a unique hue to our vibrant tapestry. Whether you're considering donning our uniform or keen on collaboration, we're here to connect, answer questions, and explore possibilities.

Your Journey to Joining Begins Here

Parents, Grandparents, and Legal Guardians: Did you know that alongside cheering for your young cadets, you too can embrace the spirit of service? Whether you have just a few hours to spare or are looking for a deeper commitment, there’s a space for you. Explore our Cadet Sponsor Member option for a taste of involvement at a reduced cost.

1. Reach Out: 

  • Kickstart the conversation by contacting us. We're eager to welcome you.

2. Dive into Squadron Life:

  • For Those 18 and AboveLet us know about your visit! We'll ensure a dedicated member provides you a guided tour, answering any questions you bring.
  • For Prospective Cadets (Under 18)Bring your parents and your enthusiasm. Immerse yourself in a formation (don't worry, we'll guide you through) and connect with:
    • Cadet Leaders: Our young trailblazers.
    • Senior Members: Adult mentors enriching the cadet experience.
    • Deputy Commander for Cadets: The guiding star of our cadet program.
  • Remember, attending three meetings and asking all your questions is key!

3. Confirm Your Identity:

  • Option A: Show us your passport.
  • Option B: Present one Federal, State, or School-issued photo ID, and accompany it with either your birth certificate or Social Security Card.
  • Note: There are alternative ID verification methods, including some foreign passports. Don’t worry, we'll guide you.

4. Get Official:

  • Cadets: Apply online
  • Senior Members: Download the Senior Member Application, fill it out, and bring it along.
    • For safety and trust, all adult applicants undergo an FBI fingerprinting and screening process.

5. Investment in Growth:

  • Cadets: $35 (National/Region/Wing Fee) + $23 (Squadron Dues, patch included)
  • Senior Members: $53 (National/Region/Wing Fee) + $30 (Squadron Dues)
  • Note: Squadron dues will be collected after applications are approved and members are official assigned to Prince William Composite Squadron.

Let this be the start of a journey where passion meets purpose, camaraderie meets commitment, and every step you take elevates both you and our community. Welcome aboard!

Discover More, Dream Bigger

Unearth the potential, gauge the opportunities, and let these resources guide your decision-making journey. Civil Air Patrol is not just an organization, it's a calling. 

Charting Our Journey:

The heartbeat of our squadron is not just in our meetings but also in the myriad events we curate for our members and guests. Check out our squadron calendar to keep pace with our vibrant community's upcoming events.



Patch Heraldry



In June 2013, Virginia Wing Commander Col. Jim Covel approved the current squadron patch (image furthest to the left) and emblem design for Prince William Composite Squadron. The new emblem brings forward our squadron motto: To The Stars.

The emblem's design revives the heraldry of the patch approved by the Wing in 1989 (image furthest to the right). This patch was designed by Lt. Col. B.T. Marking, who was the squadron commander at the time.

The essential design of the Prince William Composite Squadron crest emulates a royal coat of arms and is derived heavily from our previously approved crest, updated to reflect current USAF patch guidance. Adopting this style pays tribute to the unit’s namesake, Prince William, the Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765), and to the county in Virginia named for him which is the unit’s home. 

The depiction of a knight’s helmet in the lower sector of the crest reminds us of a heritage of chivalry.

The central feature of the crest is the chevron. Dividing the crest into sectors, it resembles an arrow pointing skyward and symbolizes the unit’s continuing efforts toward betterment. The checkered pattern of the chevron is reminiscent of the checkered flag marking the end of a race for a triumphant competitor. As a competitive spirit is the cornerstone of Prince William’s strategy for achievement, this pattern is very significant.

Three stars adorn the upper sector of the crest. These, of course, symbolize the three missions of Civil Air Patrol: Aerospace Education, the Cadet Program, and Emergency Services. The combination of the chevron and the stars captures the essence of the unit’s adopted motto: “Ad Astra Per Aspera.” Translated from Latin, this means: “To The Stars We Aspire.” Shortened and translated from Latin, our motto “To The Stars” indicates the high standards expected of Prince William’s members.

The stars also reflect Prince William’s commitment to excellence in all three endeavors. They are patterned after the ancient mariner’s compass rose in the hope that we may never lose our way in the arduous journey toward these lofty goals.

The original squadron crest was based on an orange and gray color scheme. The current colors of the patch are inherited from the Civil Air Patrol emblem and USAF colors. Blue signifies the sky, which is the primary theater for Air Force operations as well as Civil Air Patrol’s underpinning aerospace orientation. Yellow signifies the excellence that is expected of all Civil Air Patrol personnel. The red and white of the chevron signify the boldness and truthfulness which marks our members’ pursuit of excellence.

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